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Tottenham hotspur

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Q: What English football team has longest unbeaten record in fa cup?
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What English football team has the longest unbeaten record in the league?

arsenal had an unbeaten run of 49 games May 7, 2003 - October 24, 2004

Who has the longest unbeaten home record?


Which ligue 1 club has the longest unbeaten record in one season?

Nantes is the Ligue 1 club that has had the longest unbeaten record in one season.

Which international soccer team has the longest unbeaten record?


What is arsenal's longest undefeated streak?

Arsenal FC's longest streak was when they won the 2003-2004 English Premier League Season with an unbeaten record (38 games).

Which team has the longest unbeaten run in the Scottish Premier League?

Longest unbeaten run (all): Celtic currently hold the UK record for an unbeaten run in professional football : 62 games (49 won, 13 drawn), from 13 Nov 1915 until 21 April 1917- a total of 17 months and four days in all (they lost at home to Kilmarnock on the last day of the season).Longest unbeaten run (home): Celtic also hold the SPL record for an unbeaten run of home matches (77), spanning from 2001 to 2004 (this run was ended by a 3-2 defeat to Aberdeen on 21 April 2004), and the record for the longest run of consecutive wins in a single season (25 matches).

What is arsenal's longest unbeaten run?

its 49 games, starting from the season 2003-2004 and ending in the 2004-2005 season. arsenal went the entire 03-04 season unbeaten which is another record. up gunners!

What college football team has the record for longest run?


What is the longest overtime in college football history?

The record is 7.

Which goalkeeper has gone the longest with out conceding a goal in English football?

Edwin Van Der Saar - -Overtook the previous record of Petr Cech

Who has the longest Kansas high school football record?

Independence Kansas

What is the longest throw for a pro football quarterback?

99-yards is the NFL record

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