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No, you need three strikes for one out. It depends though on what happens on that third hittable pitch.

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Q: Were there ever two strikes in softball for one out?
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What is two strikes n 3 balls called in softball?

It's a full count

Is a foul ball counted as a strike in softball?

The first two foul balls count as strikes 1 and 2. After that, it is not a strike.

If a softball player is at bat and the count is four balls and two strikes the play will do what?

if he gets a strike he is out. and after 4 balls you walk

Softball what is two strikes and three balls?

If the pitch count is at 2 strikes and 3 balls that is a "full count" meaning the next pitch is the last for that batter. (For all you critics; this is because in softball, if the third strike is fouled out of play the batter is out)

Can a softball player get a strike if the ball is hit into false territory?

A foul can count as a strike if there is not two strikes. I f your fist pitch is a foul, that's strike one. If you get a strike first and then foul, that's strike two. Or if you gettwo fouls in a row with no strikes, that's strike one and two. If you have two strikes (no matter how you got them) you cannot strike out on a foul. So if you do foul in that situation, it does not count as anything and your pitch count remains the same.

How many referees for a softball game?

There can be 2 or 3 umpires for each softball game. One umpire stands behind home plate and calls balls and strikes as well as other plays on the field. The other two are the first base umpire and the third base umpire.

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Who was the dodger that hit a grand slam in the bottom of ninth with two strikes and two outs winn at bat has two strikes and there are two outs he hits a grand slam winning the series for the dodgers?

Kirk Gibson hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth in game ONE of the 1988 world series, bet it was not a grand slam. He had 2 strikes and two outs, but only one person was on base.

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