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Are worth 3 points?

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Q: Three point shots made in a college game?
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Why did basketball bring the three point line into the game?

they did it so that college and nba players would start shooting farther shots and to help improve their shot

Who has made the most 3 point shots in a college game without a miss?

Perry Reed

Who holds the record for the most three point shots in a single game?

Mike jorden

How many three point shots by one player in a single NBA game have been made?

10 the

If a basketball player hits three point shots 45 percent of the time what is the chances if she takes four shots during a game that she misses the first shot and hits the last three?


What is the second 3 point line at the lakers jazz game?

The arc for 3-point shots is farther away for pro than for college. See related link post. Maybe they hold college games in that same arena?

Who is the player have more three point score in professinal games?

Theodore Papaluokas of Greece made 18 3pt. shots in a single professional basketball game.

Which division 1college basketball player has made the most three pointers in a game?

In 1990, Loyola-Marymount's Jeff Fryer hit 11 Thee-Point shots in a game against Michigan.

Which college basketball teams have made a three-point field goal in every game played?

UNLV Princeton Vanderbilt

What female basketball player has the most 3 point shots in a NCAA game?

shaquille o'neal

What is a ''field goal'' in Basketball?

It's when a player makes a basket during the normal play of the game. Dunks, layups, jump shots, & 3 point shots are examples of field goals. A free throw is NOT a field goal because it doesn't occur during the normal play of the game.It is when you throw the ball into the basket

Who holds the single game record for most 3-point shots made in a single UNC home basketball game?