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Yes ... she won a bronze medal in women's singles tennis at the 2012 Games in London.

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Q: Saina Nehwalhas won an Olympic Medal?
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Which medal did saina nehwal win at 2010 commonwealth games?

Saina Nehwal won a Gold Medal in Women's Singlesat the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

How many medals had Saina Nehwal won for India in commonwealth games 2010?

Saina Nehwal won a Gold Medal for India in 2010 Commonwealth Games.

How many gold medals did saina nehwal get?

Saina Nehwal has won one Commonwealth Games Gold Medal which was at the 2010 Delhi Games when she won the Women's Singles.

Who won two individual Olympics medal for India?

saina nehwal and a boxer player

Who won the final gold medal for India in 2010 commonwealth games?

Saina Nehwag won India's final Gold Medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, when she won the Women's Singles in Badminton.At the 2012 London Olympics, she took home a Bronze Medal in the same event becoming the first Indian player to win a Badminton Olympic Medal.

Who won 2004 olympic soccer gold medal?

Argentina won the 2004 olympic gold medal.

What Hollywood star won an olympic swimming medal?

Johnny Weissmuller won an olympic swimming gold medal

Had South American every won a winter Olympic medal?

No South American country has ever won a winter Olympic medal.

Who won the gold medal for Alpinism at the 1924 Olympic Games?

Great Britain won the gold medal for Alpinism at the 1914 Olympic games.

Who won the olympic gold medal for swimming?

Adelina Sotnikova won the Olympic gold medal in the swimming category for the 2014 winter Olympics.

Who won the Gold Medal of Field Hockey in 1928 Olympic?

India won the Gold Medal of the Field Hockey of the 1928 Olympic Games.

Who won the first Olympic medal for India?

Norman Pritchard won the first medal which was silver.

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