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No South American country has ever won a winter Olympic medal.

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Q: Had South American every won a winter Olympic medal?
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The summer Olympics occur every how many yeasrs?

The Summer Olympic take place every 4 years. Same doe for the Winter Olympic . The Winter and Summer switch every 2 years.

How often are the winter Olympic?

Every 4 years.

Are the olympic games held every 6 years?

No, the winter and summer olympic games are each held every four years.

The winter olympic occurs every how many year?

every four years

Why are the Olympic games and the Olympic winter games on different years?

Ever since the olympic games were every 4 years, so were the olympic winter games, and they probably started out in different years so they will always be that way.

What year was the winter olympic rotation changed from the original format summer and winter in the same year?

1992 was the last year of both olympic games in the same calender year. The winter Olympics were changed to 1994 and then every four years again in rotation. You now have an olympic games every 2 years.

What Winter olympic sports have been held in every winter olympic games?

Cross country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, nordic combined, ski jumping, and speed skating have been held at every Winter Olympics since the first Winter Games in 1924.

In what year did the Olympic committee decide to alternate the winter and summer games from being held the same year to having an Olympic games every 2 years?

The International Olympic Committee voted in 1986 to alternate Olympic games every two years starting with the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

How much rest do Olympics get?

The Summer Modern Olympic Games occur every four years since 1896. The Winter Modern Olympic Games also occur every four years since 1924. So, since there were Summer Olympic Games in 2008, there will be Winter Olympic Games in 2010, and more Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

How often were the ancient olymoics held?

Isaythe Olympics were held every 4 year for summer olympic. Winter olympic every 2 year

How often do the Olympic games happen?

Every 4 years there are the Summer Olympics, and every 4 years there are the Winter Olympics. So every 2 years there are Olympic Games.

How often do the Winter Olympics occur?

The Winter Olympics occur every four years.According to, the official website of the Olympic Movement, Olympic Games are held every four years.

How often are the summer Olympic games held?

The summer Olympic Games, like the winter Olympic Games, are held every four years.

When was the first winter olympic games held?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924. Today they are held every four years, alternating with the Summer Olympics.

What is the only country to have sent a team to every summer and every Winter Olympic Games?


Does Canada participated in every winter Olympic games?

Yes, Canada has participated in every Winter Olympics. Counting the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, that is 21 Winter Olympics that Canada has been represented in.

How many avalanches occur every winter in the American Rockies?

There are four avalanches occur every winter in the American Rockies.

How often are the Winter Olympic Games held?

Every 4 years.

How often is winter Olympics held?

A Olympic is every 7 years but a winter more like 5 in this case

Is Mexico in the WOG?

I guess you mean Winter Olympic Games. Yes, Mexico has a team participating every Olympic Games.

How often are the Olympic Games held?

The Olympics Summer Games and the Olympics Winter Games are held two years apart, so there are Olympic contests held every other year.Another way of looking at it is this: The Olympics Summer Games are held every four years; likewise, the Winter Olympics Games are held every four years.Upcoming Games and venues include:2012, Summer Games: London, England2014, Winter Games: Sochi, Russia2016, Summer Games: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2018, Winter Games: Pyeongchang, South Korea2020, Summer Games: Tokyo, JapanEvery 4 years.

How often are they olymipc Games held?

The Olympic games are held every 2 years. The summer and winter Olympic games alternate every 2 years, so it will be 4 years in between each summer games and likewise for the winter games.

How often are the modern Winter Olympic Games held?

once every year

How many games and events are at the summer and winter olympic games?

Every $ years.

Where are the winter Olympics being held in 2017?

The Olympic Winter Games are held every four years in the year between Summer Olympic Games, in a year divisible by two. As 2017 is not divisible by 2 there were no Winter Olympics in 2017