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Q: Pankration in ancient Olympics was a double winner of this event. What was the event?
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Did Alexander the great competed in the olympic games?

No He did not. His Father did and won 3 gold medals. There were no medals at in the ancient Olympics. The winner was given olive oil and a wreath of olive branches

Who was the winner of the first Olympics?

a fellow man named hif chow

What was the award of winner in the ancient Olympic Games?

An olive branch!

How did Louis Spyridon make history in 1896?

He was the winner of the first Modern Olympics marathon competition in 1896.

How did they begin the ancient Olympics?

The olymics started in ancient Greece Where the winner would have been named an olympian king, they started with simple races including sprinting and davelin, but they also had games where they would race in carriges pulled by horses also they played games where a man would try to fend himself from a lion or a wild animal.

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Which Greek philosopher was a double winner of the Pankration?

The Greek philosopher who was a double winner of the Pankration was Diagoras of Rhodes. He was known for his success in wrestling and Pankration during the ancient Olympic Games, where he won multiple titles.

Is it true that ancient Olympics and modern Olympics each winner receives a gold medal?

No...In the ancient Olympics the winner received a olive wreath

What did the competition winner of the ancient Olympics receive?

a laurel wreath

Who was Kyniska?

she was an ancient Greece Olympics winner. She proved that women are capable of winning the Olympics, too.

How was the winner of a non sport rewarded in the ancient Olympics?

There were no non sports.

What was the winner's award in the ancient Olympics?

Crown of Wild olive Leaves

What did the winner get has a reward in the Olympics ancient grecce?

They got a wreath and money

What prize did the each winner receive in the ancient Olympics?

A head wreath.

In the ancient Greek Olympic games what did the winner receive?

A wreath of olive branches was placed on the winner's head at the ancient Olympics in Greece.

Who became the star of the ancient Greek Olympics?

Originally it was the winner of the 200 metre foot race, as this was the one and only event. As the number of sports expanded, it depended on what your favourite sport was as to whom you thought of as the star. Aristocrats went for the chariot race, lower orders loved the pankration (all-power) which was a no-rules slugging and kicking match.

Who was a winner of the ancient Greece Olympics?

Orsuippus from Megars and Acanthus of Sparta are early "named" winners. One of the many named...

With which sport do you associate Bradley Wiggins?

Bradley Wiggins, Double Gold winner at the 2008 Olympics is associated with Cycling.