NHL Stanley Cup Winners

Updated: 8/23/2023
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I could write out a list of Cup winners but that would take too long!! I suggest you simply Google 'Stanley Cup Winners' , follow the links and read the list of winners at your own convenience.

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I love Stanley cup and was curious to know a lot about Stanley cup, so collected some good links related to Stanley cup, that answers all the common questions. Check out the related link for the same.

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Q: NHL Stanley Cup Winners
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Related questions

Who won the NHL tournament in1989-1990?

If by NHL tournament, you mean the Stanley Cup playoffs, the winners were the Edmonton Oilers.

What do the Stanley cup winners earn?

Recognition throughout the NHL world and every player gets a day with the cup throughout the off season

What two teams were in the NHL playoffs in 2006?

Carolina Hurricanes (Stanley Cup Winners) Edmonton Oilers (Runners-up)

What is the name of the trophy that they play for in the NHL?

When an NHL team wins the championship, the award that is presented to them is known as the Stanley Cup.

What are the championships for NHL?

Stanley Cup

Why is the Stanley cup important to Canada?

Canadian Governor General Stanley donated the Stanley cup the nhl

What is the prestigious trophy awarded by the NHL?

The Stanley Cup. It was named after the person who created it, Lord Stanley of Preston.

List of nhl players with standley cup wins?

Too many players to list here , obviously. I suggest you Google Stanley Cup Winners and look for rosters of the winning teams.

Do they get to take home the Larry O'brien trophy home like the Stanley cup winners of the NHL?

Yes, the Larry O'brein stays in the winning teams Stadium.

Who was the NHL Stanley cup winner in 1997?

The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997.

Name of trophy that is awarded to the NHL's championship team at the end of playoffs?

The Stanley Cup.

Who will win the NHL Stanley Cup in 2013?

2012-2013 Stanley Cup Champions were the Chicago Blackhawks