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The player was Mitchell Price in the game Tulane vs Tennessee-Chattanooga on Sept 3, 1988 and he had 5.

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most interceptions thrown in state of Texas high school football

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Q: Most interceptions in a football game?
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Most interceptions in a college football game?

One of the most game changing moments in a college football game can be the interception. As the schools enter the 2014-2015 season, the record for the most interceptions in one game belongs to Al Worley.

Who hold the most interceptions in pro football?

jay cutler

What college football team has the most interceptions?

Texas tech

Who has thrown the most interceptions in an NFL game?

Jim hardy of the cardinals threw 8 interceptions in a game in the 1950's

How many interceptions did David Ull have?

5 interception in one high school football game

Who has most interceptions in single game in Virginia football high school history?

Allen Iverson, no joke the Allen iverson playing for the Pistons right now had 7 interceptions in one game, watch that video

What does a defensive player do when they catch the football?

If a defensive player catches the football, it is considered an interception and he would run toward the end zone in hopes of scoring a touchdown for his team. Interceptions are one of the most exciting plays in the game of football.

Who have caught the most interceptions in a game?

Deangelo Hall (4).

What is the most interceptions John Elway has thrown in a game?


Did Bob Richardson lead the eastern Canadian Football League in interceptions for 1967?

In 1967 Bob Richardson, with the Hamilton Tiger Cats, lead the Eastern Division of the Canadian Football League in interceptions with 8 interceptions. The league leader in 1967 played in the Western Division (name? where they played one more game than they did in the Eastern Division) and on his last game he made his 9th interception.

What is the most interceptions Tony Romo has thrown in a single game?