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Liverpool have played Manchester United a total of 178 times in competitive matches. As of January 2010, Manchester United have won 68 matches and Liverpool have won 60 (the other 50 have been draws).

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Q: Liverpool v man united. whos won more?
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Who has more trophies Liverpool or Man United?

Man United.

Who is more popular man utd or Liverpool?

Manchester United are more popular today then liverpool.

Who won more trophies since 1975 man united or Liverpool?

It is Manchester United over Liverpool.

Who has more trophies man utd or liverpool?

Manchester united

Who has won more premiership titles man united or Liverpool?

Man Utd - Liverpool have never won the premier league

Who is better man united or Liverpool?


How is better man united or Liverpool?


Who has won more trophies Liverpool or man united?

Manchester United just beat Liverpool in trophies, and i believe they now have 19.

Who won more major trophies man united or Liverpool?

Manchester United have won the most with 64. Liverpool have won 63.

Which English football team has one the most cups?

The answer is probably Liverpool or Man United Liverpool have won the league 18 times, that's one more than Man United's 17. Liverpool have won the European Cup 5 times, that's 2 more than Man United's 3. Liverpool have won the FA Cup 7 times, that's actually 4 less than Man United's 11. Liverpool have won the League Cup 7 times, that's 5 more than Man United's 2. Liverpool have won the Community Shield (outright) 10 times, that's 2 less than Man United's 12. Man United have won the Cup Winners Cup once. Liverpool have never won it. Liverpool have won the Uefa Cup 3 times. United have never won it. Liverpool have won the Super Cup 3 times to United's once. Man United have won the Intercontinental Cup once. Liverpool have never won it. Liverpool 53 trophies Man United 48 trophies.

Who has more fa cup titles than man united?


Who has scored for Liverpool against man united and for man united against Liverpool?

I think it was jamie carragher

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