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The last time Manchester United lost two games in a row , were in the month of march 2009 . When they lost to Liverpool and then Fulham.

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Q: When was the last time Manchester united lost 2 games in a row in the premier league?
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How many games will Manchester united play in the premium league?

each premier league team plays every other team home and away => they play 38 games in the league

How many games did Manchester United play in 2006-2007?

During the 2006-07 season, Manchester United played 11 friendlies, 38 Premier League games, 8 FA Cup matches (including two replays), 2 League Cup games, and 12 Champions League games - a total of 71 games.

How many times has Manchester United beaten Liverpool in the league?

In the premier league era, Liverpool have won 10 games and Manchester United have won 18, with exactly halve of those victories coming at Anfield. United's 4-1 home defeat to Liverpool in the 2008/09 season was their heaviest ever in the Premier League and their biggest loss in 17 years. Only Liverpool and Arsenal have beaten United home and away in three separate Premier League seasons.

Who has won more matches Liverpool or Manchester United?

Manchester United have won more games (and titles) than any other team in premier league history. Based on all the points accumulated over all the seasons since the league began Manchester United are well ahead of the nearest rivals Arsenal

How many games did United win in the first season of the Premier League?

It depends on what ' United ' you are on about, heres a run down of the teams and there points ; Leeds United won 12 games out of 42 and accumulated 51 points. Sheffield United won 14 games out of 42 and accumulated 52 points. and Manchester United won 24 games out of 42 and accumulated 84 points, having gone on to win the Premier League in its debut season.

How many games did raimond van der gouw play for manchester united?

During a six-year period playing for Manchester United between 1996 and 2002, Raimond van der Gouw played 60 games in all competitions, including 37 Premier League games.

Who is the most paid player in the premier league?

The player to play the most E.P.L. matches is Ryan Giggs. for Manchester United. He has played over 750 games for his club.

Who has has played most football games for one club?

Ryan Giggs with 805 for Manchester United, although in Italy, Paolo Maldini played 900 games for AC Milan. Most games overall in the Premier League = 1,005 by Peter Shilton, Ryan Giggs played only 600 games for Manchester United.

What is the least amount of games Manchester United have lost in a league season?


Who is Dimitar Berbatov?

Dimitar Berbatov is a footballplayer in Manchester United Football Club. He is forward and playing with number 9. This season he has score 6 goals in 16 games in Premier League.

What British footballers have made 100 or more champions league appearances?

Ryan Giggs the Welsh and Manchester United winger has played over 100 champion league games for Manchester United.

How many games played by each team in English premier league?

38 Premier League games

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