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liverpool by 2 games

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Q: Who has won more head to head matches Liverpool Or Manchester United?
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In last 50 meetings between Manchester United and Liverpool how many times did Liverpool has won and how many times did the Manchester United?

As of 17 Jan 2008, the head-to-head matches between Manchester United and Liverpool goes:Man Utd wins - 23Liverpool wins - 14Draw - 13

Who has more wins in football matches between man utd and Liverpool?

Manchester United All time head to head record: Man utd 71 wins Liverpool 60 wins

What are facts about Michael Owen?

Michael Owen is not very tall but gets a lot of goals with his head, he started at Liverpool, moved to Real Madrid, Newcastle United and now Manchester United. But he has hamstring problems to often.

Did Barcelona Football Club ever defeat Liverpool FC?

Barcelona head to head matches with Liverpool Barça 1-3 LFC LFC 5-2 Barça LFC 2-1 Barça

Find the departure times from the Pier Head Liverpool for a cruise on the Manchester Ship Canal between 9.30 and 18.30 on a Saturday?

the cruise on manchester ship is between 12:30

What are the departure times from Pier Head Liverpool for a cruise on the Manchester ship canal between 0930 and 1830 on a Saturday?

That is what I am trying to find out I don't know how to answer it.

Who has won more head to head matches arsenal or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Arsenal have faced each other in a total of 205 League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, and Community Shield fixtures — the first of which was on October 28, 1893. Of these, Liverpool have won 81, Arsenal have won 71, and there have been 53 draws.

Sir Alex Ferguson is what team's head coach?

He is now retired, but at the time question was asked he was the manager of Manchester United.

Who is the head of Manchester in PA local government?

The President of the Manchester Borough Council

How many times has Arsenal beat Manchester United?

In Arsenal's head-to-head against Manchester United, the Gunners hold a record of:Arsenal winsLeague - 65FA Cup - 5League Cup - 2Other - 4Arsenal drawsLeague - 41FA Cup - 2League Cup - 0Other - 2Manchester United winsLeague - 71FA Cup - 5League Cup - 4Other - 0Total - 76 wins, 45draws, 80 loses

Has Chelsea beating Manchester united more times than man united have won Chelsea?

In 39 previous Premier League meetings, Chelsea lead the head-to-head record with 13 victories to Manchester United's 12 (with 14 draws). In fact, you have to go back to April 2002 when Sir Alex Ferguson's side last won at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League.

Who is the head of east Liverpool's government?

Jim Swoger

Which professional soccer player has scored the most goals with their head?

Don't know whose scored the most.....but i do know Dwight Yorke for Manchester United scored basically every goal with his head

Where is the headquarters for Delta Force Paintball?

Delta Force Paintball is the world's #1 paintball operator, with locations in Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow and several more cities. It's head office is located in Surrey, England.

Can you pass Manchester driving to London from holy head?


How many headers has Torres score for Liverpool?

Premier League only: of the 61 goals Torres has scored for Liverpool, 12 were with his head.

How many times have Manchester United beat Arsenal?

In Manchester United's head-to-head against Arsenal, the Red Devils hold a record of:Manchester United winsLeague - 71FA Cup - 5League Cup - 4Other - 0Manchester United drawsLeague - 41FA Cup - 2League Cup - 0Other - 2Arsenal winsLeague - 65FA Cup - 5League Cup - 2Other - 4Total - 80 wins, 45 draws, 76 loses of 17 January 2008.

Who is Liverpool's groundskeepers?

I do not know who the groundsman is, however the Head Caretaker is called Stuey.

What is the head-to-head score of uefa champions league matches between real Madrid and Barcelona?

In the champion league matches Real Madrid has won 9 cups Barcelona have won 3 cups.

What are the release dates for Head of the Class - 1986 Don't Play with Matches 2-20?

Head of the Class - 1986 Don't Play with Matches 2-20 was released on: USA: 23 March 1988

What has the author Peter Waring written?

Peter Waring has written: 'Norwich City (Head to Head)' 'Sheffield Wednesday Head to Head' 'Everton (Head to Head)' 'Alfabet' 'Liverpool (Head to Head)' 'A signed copy' 'Birmingham City Head to Head'

Head of the government in the united kingdom?

The head of government in the United Kingdom is the Prime Minister.

Where is the City Forex located?

The exact address for the head office of City Forex Limited is located at 146 Leadenhall Street, London, EC3V 4QT in the United Kingdom. They also have a branch office in Liverpool.

Are sheffield Wednesday football team better than sheffield united?

No is the simple answer. In the head to head matches played over the past 120 years or so Sheffield United have the better record proving without doubt that they are in FACT the better team. Yeahhh sheff wed are by far the better team sheff united haven't beaten them in ages so that just show.

Why was Manchester United sold to Malcolm Glazer?

Football clubs in England are publicly listed companies, basically available to anyone who puts in a bid that satisfies a majority of shareholders. This is not the case in, for example, Germany - where at least 51% of any professional club must be owned by it's members, i.e. the fans - or Spain where Barcelona and Real Madrid are wholly owned by the club's members. What I still can't get my head round is how it's possible to borrow the money for a big purchase like that of Manchester United or Liverpool and then transfer the debt accrued onto the thing you just purchased. It just doesn't make sense.