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Yes, any team who finishes above .500 will likely be in the postseason

No, a 500 season is neither winning or losing. it is exactly in the middle. the same exact number of wins as losses

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Q: Is a 500 season a winning baseball season?
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What are winning percentages for Major League Baseball?

.500 and above.

What is the average winning numbers in a season for baseball?

92 games

What is above or below 500 in baseball?

'.500' refers to a team's winning percentage. 'Below .500' means the team has a winning percentage less than .500 (has lost more games than they have won) and 'above .500' means the team has a winning percentage above .500 (has won more games than they have lost).

Which baseball teams have 18 consecutive season winning record?

Orioles and Yankees

How are you 500 percent in a baseball season?

If you mean go 500 in a season its simple basically win the same amount of games you have lost a 15-15 team is a 500 team

What is the duration of Our Winning Season?

The duration of Our Winning Season is 1.53 hours.

When was Our Winning Season created?

Our Winning Season was created in 1978-05.

Is 82 wins a winning season in MLB?

Technically yes, it's two games over a .500 season. With .500 being a 50-50 split between wins and losses. (81 wins/81 losses for a full 162 game season)

What is the longest winning streak to open a NCAA college baseball season?

23 by Florida State

When was The Winning Season created?

The Winning Season was created on 2010-09-03.

What is a winning season in the nfl?

a winning season is when a team has more wins than losses. For example a team with a 9-7 (or better) record has had a winning season.

What was the winning purse for the 2010 Daytona 500?

Jamie McMurray earned $1,508,449 for winning the 2010 Daytona 500.

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