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a winning season is when a team has more wins than losses. For example a team with a 9-7 (or better) record has had a winning season.

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Q: What is a winning season in the nfl?
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How many wins does an NFL team need in order to qualify as having a winning season?

Nine wins is considered a winning season...eight would be even.

What is the longest winning streak in one regular NFL season?

18 - 85 Bears

Which nfl division set the record for the highest winning percentage in a single season?

NFC South

What NFL teams has the best winning percentage for it entire history regular season and postseason?

Dallas Cowboys

What NFL team has the best winning percentage in the 1980's?

The top winning percentage of the 1980s in the NFL was the San Francisco 49ers. They won 68.4% of their regular season games. 2nd was the Washington Redskins at 63.8%.

Which NFL team has never had a winning season?

The Houston Texans are the only current NFL team not to have a winning season. Several defunct NFL teams share the honour, most recently the first Dallas Texans team, and their predecessor, the original incarnation of the Baltimore Colts. A large number of teams from the 20's through 40's never had a winning season, and the majority of teams that played in the AAFC never had a winning season. However, most of those teams were only around for a few years. Houston's seven-for-seven seasons of futility is the record for the NFL as we know it (ie, post 1930 or so.)

What NFL team has the best winning percentage?

Through the 2010 season, it's the Chicago Bears. They have a record of 704-512-42 for a winning percentage of .579.

Last time the Raiders had a winning season?

in 2002 when they lost to the Bucs in the SuperbowlXXXVII. NFL MVP Richard Gannon.

When did the Saints post their first winning season?

During the 1987 season, the Saints posted a 12-and-3 record and made the NFL playoffs for the first time.

Which NFL teams have had a perfect season?

1972 Dolphins had (and still have) the perfect record, having won all of their pre-season and regular season games as well as winning the Super Bowl.

What is the longest winning streek in NFL history?

The Miami Dolphins had a perfect season and went undefeated, than lost their second game the next season to have a winning streak of 18 games! As of now, December 2011, the defending champion Green Bay Packers also have an 18 game winning streak... and counting. The Green Bay Packers also owned the NFL's first undefeated season and championship in 1929.

What is the highest coach winning percentage in NFL history?

Vince Lombardi for season + playoffs 105-35-6 .750

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