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If a pitcher leaves a tie game after finishing the 8th inning he cannot get the loss. If his team takes the lead before another pitcher on his team throws a pitch he could be credited with the win. For example, if a pitcher finishes the bottom of the 8th with a tie score and his team takes the lead in the top of the 9th and they keep the lead in the bottom of the ninth, he gets the win. If his replacement throws a pitch in the bottom of the 9th with the score still tied, the pitcher that left after the 8th inning gets a "no decision". If his team takes the lead in the top of the ninth, but they cannot hold the lead in the bottom of the ninth (another tie or loss) the pitcher that finished the 8th inning gets a "no decision". The final win will go to the "pitcher of record" when the winning run is finally scored (even if he only faced the last batter of the inning before the winning run is scored). The pitcher that gives up the winning run gets the loss.

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Q: If the starting pticher leaves the game after 8 innings with the score tied and the team wins who gets credit for the win?
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How many innings does a pitcher need to pitch to get win?

A starting pitcher needs to pitch at least 5 innings to get the win. Any subsequent pitcher can get the win even if he only retires one batter (or base runner). If the starting pitcher leaves with the lead but without pitching 5 innings, and his team maintains that lead, the official scorer can decide which pitcher to give the win to.

How many innings must a starting pitcher pitch to get a win?

At least five full innings, If he leaves the game before that but with the lead, he is not the winner, the umpires can give the win for whom ever they want to. Actually, it's the official scorer, not the umpires, who make this decision.

What must a pitcher accomplish in order to obtain a win?

A starting pitcher must complete five innings to be considered for the win, if he leaves the game with the lead his team MUST never relinquish the lead, the score can increase, but the lead cannot be forfeited. ie. after 5 innings, it is 2-1 for the home team. The starting pitcher leaves, home team scores two more runs, visitors THEN score two more runs, game ends. Starting pitcher still leaves. Other than that a reliever can get a win even if he pitches just 1/3 of an inning just as long as the lead isn't relinquished. BUT the scorer can give the win to somebody else if the WIN was clearly undeserved. ie. starting pitcher pitches 8 innings, leading with a lead of 9-1, reliever comes in gives up a lot of runs, it is now 10-9 and the reliver stands to get the loss, BUT the home team pulls it off in the 9th to win it 11-10, well, in that case, the scorer MIGHT give the win to the starter.

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