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New Zealand have never won the football World Cup.

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Q: How many times has New Zealand won the world cup?
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How many times have New Zealand been in the FIFA World Cup?

The only FIFA World Cup that the New Zealand national football team participated in was 1982 FIFA World Cup in Spain. However, New Zealand has qualified for and the world cup in 2010 also in the 2010 world cup they almost made it in the round of 16 they would have made it if they won against paraguy. in the 2010 world cup new zealand is the only team who are undeafeted.

How many times did Captain Cook visit New Zealand?

Captain James Cook visited New Zealand five times, for different periods of time and different purposes: * He circumnavigated New Zealand, charting the North and South Islands between October 1769 and February 1770. * He returned to New Zealand between February and May, 1773. * He returned once more in November 1773. * He was back in New Zealand again during October-November of 1774. * He was in New Zealand once more during late December 1776 and the first months of 1777.

How many New Zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli?

14,000 new zealand soldiers went to Gallipoli

How many New Zealand Casualties were there in World War 1?

Approx. 18,050 killed/MIA . 41,317 wounded.

How many new zealand fuzzy wuzzys died in world war 2 at papa new guine?

First of all, New Zealand did not fight in PNG, secondly the Fuzzie Wuzzie Angels were not New Zealand but natives of PNG which was a colony of Australia. Thirdly, it is unknown how many died in the campaign but the angels were not soldiers but rather hospital field stretchers.

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