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i think it is something around 120 probably that many or approximately around their

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Q: How many golf driving ranges in England?
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What size is a golf driving range?

A golf driving range would probably be at least 300 yards long. Depending on how many bays it has it could be anything from 300-700 yards wide. You need to allow the players to hit shots to the left and to the right and vary their shots. There is no standard size, all driving ranges are different.

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Driving from Canada to England is currently impossible.

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How many people died in 2006 from alcohol related accidents in England?

It ranges from 5,000 to 40,000 people that die in alcohol related accidents in England. They are anywhere from driving accidents, over doses, and problems with long term drinking.

How many acres are needed for a golf driving range?

Modern driving ranges use 15 to 17 acres, compared to 10 to 12 acres a decade ago. Increased distance suggests driving ranges should be longer than 300 yards. For divot recovery, tees should be 45 to 60 yards deep. If tees are at both ends, total range length should exceed 400 yards.

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How many kinds of golf balls are there?

There are hundreds and hundreds of types of golf balls. There are many manufacturers each with numerous types for various skill levels and price ranges. There are distance balls, spin balls and ladies balls etc.

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