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Television promotes and covers sport in many ways, such as in quiz programmes. Another two ways that television covers sport is: Advertisements: When a program is getting premiered or when there is a specail event showing on television. Programmes:When a popular television program is on it will do its best to involve the sport most viewed and the sport that is eventfull around that time period.

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Q: How does television cover sport?
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Why was baseball the most popular sport in the 1950's?

Baseball was the most popular sport in the 1950s in the US because it was one of the first sports to be broadcast on television. Millions of people watched baseball on television or listened to the games on the radio.

When will soccer become a major sport in the US?

It isn't a major sport in the US but around the whole entire world it is the most popular sport. And it will probably become a major sport in the time bein since the tans have been going up since the 1990s and so has the TV ratings...............And American Football, Baseball, etc. have been around the US for a long time which is one of the reasons why those are major sports while the US is just adopting to Soccer. Surprisngly, soccer is said to be recongnized as the fastest-growing sport in colleges and high schools in the United States, and of the 18 million people in the US who play soccer 78% of that number is from people under the age of 18, so this is a big sport for elementary, middle, and high schools, even though most people think this is a slow pace and boring game to watch on is very exciting if you're the one who is out on the field playing it ......... so yes i think Soccer will become a major sport in the US in around 20 years because it isn't very popular right now from mostly the exposure that it has in the US......

Why do major league players cover their mouths when talking to each other?

They are covering their mouths just in case the other team is watching it in tv or with binoculars and can read lips.

Does TV influence people?

If it didn't advertizers wouldn't use it, and you wouldn't have Product-Placement in films! It uses the senses of Sight and Sound to appeal to a person's emotions by funnelling into an unaware and uncritical mind whatever message the sender decides is required for a particular result or response. A good example of this is TV News and Sport.

What is the number one sport in America?

The NFL attracts the most television viewers in America. Baseball has the largest ticket sale revenue in America due to it's 162 game schedule, compared to the NFL's 16 game schedule.

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