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It affects it because the more you skate on the ice the more marks its makes and with the friction of the puck, it will go faster on fresh ice.

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Q: How does friction affect the game of hockey?
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Does surface type affect the force of friction?

Surface types can affect the force of friction because as the surface gets rough and rougher it has more friction and smooth surface has less friction. if we compare the affect of friction force on a ice and road. Road is much more rough than the ice chunk and if we slide a ice hockey puck on each of the surfaces, we get that smoother surfaces has less friction.

Can you freeze a hockey puck and if so how does it affect the distance it will go or its performance in general?

Yes. Hockey pucks are frozen to reduce friction, thereby increasing its distance range.

How is sliding friction shown in field hockey?

Sliding friction is shown in hockey when you hit the puck. The puck has friction against the ice (but there isn't much).

How does a hockey player reduce friction between his skates and the ice?

with hockey tape

What doesn't affect friction?

A variable that has no affect on friction is Inertia

How do surface affect friction?


What variable doesn't affect friction?

A variable that has no affect on friction is Inertia

What is affect of friction?

One affect of friction is getting a static shock.

How do friction affect?

We would need to know what the friction is to affect to respond to this question.

How do different surfaces affect friction?


What affects friction?

Weight and surface affect friction. The more mass an object has more friction that will occur ex:/ It would be harder to slide an elephant across a floor than a hockey puck. This is because the large amount of friction on the elephant would slow it down. The smoother the surface the less friction. ex:/ There will be more friction on a floor of sandpaper than there would be on a floor of ice.

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