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0-0 Football Game In 1942, the Army vs. Notre Dame football game finished in a 0-0 tie. To this day it still holds the record as the largest crowd to ever attend a College Football game in the state of New York. (It was played at Yankee Stadium). Go Army! Beat Navy! Beat Notre Dame!

1939 UCLA vs USC 0-0 tie.

In 1925, the Chicago Bears signed Harold "Red" Grange to a $100,000 contract and the former University of Illinois star almost single-handedly carried the NFL to a new level. Grange's first game is one of the most memorable in the history of the league as 36,000 fans pack Wrigley Field to see Grange's Chicago Bears battle the Chicago Cardinals to a 0-0 tie.

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No there has not

at the end of regulation the game will go into overtime until one team scores a touchdown or field goal.

the overtime rules are


-touchdown on 1st possession the team that scored the touchdown wins

-field goal on 1st possession the opposing team has a chance to score a field goal

if the opposing team scores a touchdown they win

-field goal on 2nd possession the team that scored the field goal wins

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Q: Has there ever been an NFL or college football game where the final score was 0-0?
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Was there ever been a zero score college football game?


Has there ever been a 3-2 college football score?

Yes. In fact Aubrn won a game earlier this year by that score.

Has there ever been a 3-0 football score?

Yes a final score of 3-0 has happened more than once in the NFL. Most recently on Monday Night Football (Pittsburgh vs Miami) on November 26th 2007

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What football team won a Super Bowl 86 to 0?

There has been no NFL team to win the Super Bowl with 86-0 being the final score.

Has there been a football game score over 200?

The 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game was a college football game played on October 7, 1916, between the Georgia Tech Engineers and the Cumberland College Bulldogs. The game became the most lopsided in the history of college football, as Georgia Tech was victorious 222-0.

Has there ever been a 3-2 football score?

No there has never been a 3-2 football score. The lowest NFL score was 2-0 with the Green Bay Packers defeating the Chicago Bears in 1932.

Has there ever been an NFL game where the final score was 0-0?

According to Sean Forman of the Pro Football Reference website there have been 71 NFL games that ended in a 0-0 tie.

When has a football game ever been 0 to 0?

At the beginning of every football game the score is always zero to zero.

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0 they are not a top team in college football

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November 11, 2006 in College Station by the score of 28-27. That may have been the last time that Nebraska beat Texas A&M in football; however, the last time Nebraska beat Texas Tech was 20th October 2001 in Lincoln by a score of 41-31.

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