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Q: Has team ever won a Super Bowl with a rookie qb?
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How many rookie quarterbacks have lead a team to the Super Bowl?

Not a single rookie QB has ever led his team to the superbowl.

Has a rookie head coach ever gone to a Super Bowl?

George Siefert, San Francisco 49ers, won Super Bowl XXIV as a rookie head coach. Don McCafferty, Baltimore Colts, won Super Bowl V as a rookie head coach. Jim Caldwell of the Indianapolis Colts will bring his team to Super Bowl XLIV as a rookie head coach. Bill Callahan, Oakland Raiders, lost Super Bowl XXXVII to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Red Miller, Denver Broncos, lost Super Bowl XII to Dallas.

Has there ever been an 8-8 team that won a Super Bowl?

No 8-and-8 team has ever played in the Super Bowl.

Has a team ever made it to a super bowl when their city was hosting it?

As of Super Bowl XLVII, no.

What NFL team won a Super Bowl at home?

No team has ever played a home field super bowl.

Have the cleveled brows ever win a super bowl?

No Cleveland Browns team has ever appeared in a Super Bowl.

Who are the quarterbacks who have gone to the super bowl as a rookie?

No rookie starting quarterback has ever taken their team to the Super Bowl. Four rookie quarterbacks have made the Championship game (Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Mark Sanchez, Shaun King) but all have failed to lead their respective teams to the NFL's promised land.

Has Super Junior ever won a Super Bowl?

No, they are not an NFL team.

Has the host team ever won the Super Bowl?

No, that has not happened, yet. No stadium that has ever hosted a Super Bowl has had it's home team involved in the game.

What NFL team lost the first ever Super Bowl?

Kansas City Chiefs were the fist team to lose a Super Bowl.

Who cheated in the Super Bowl?

No team has ever been accused of, or found to have been cheating in a Super Bowl.

Who is the best ever team in the nfl?

The team that wins the super bowl that year.

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