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The Raiders won Super Bowl XV.

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Q: Has a wildcard team won the Super Bowl?
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Has a wildcard won the Super Bowl?

The Raiders won Super Bowl XV.

Has a wildcard team ever won a Super Bowl?

Yes, the Oakland Raiders have before.

Has a wildcard team ever made it to the Super Bowl?

2008 new york giants made it to the superbowl, and infact won the superbowl they were a wildcard team

Has Dallas Cowboys won Super Bowl as Wildcard team?

No, but Dallas did advance to the Super Bowl as a wild card in 1975 but lost to Pittsburgh

When was the last time Green Bay won the super Bowl as a Wild Card?

The Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV following the 2010 season as a wildcard. That was the only time the Packers won a Super Bowl as a wildcard.

Did Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl as a wildcard team?

Dallas has won the Super Bowl five times, and each of those seasons they were the NFC East Division winner.According the, only nine wildcard teams have advanced to the Super Bowl since the wildcard format was introduced following the NFL/AFL merger prior to the 1970 season, and only five of them have won it (1980 Raiders, 1997 Broncos, 2000 Ravens, 2005 Steelers and 2007 Giants)The 1975 Dallas Cowboys were the first wildcard team to make it to the Super Bowl.The 1980 Oakland Rainders were the first wildcard team to win it.

What basketball team won the Super Bowl in 1996?

A basketball team never won the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is played in the sport Football

Which is the team that won Super Bowl 43?

The Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowl 43

Who won the Super Bowl 8 times?

No team has won the Super Bowl eight times.

Who is the best team in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers. They have won 6 super bowl championships in the super bowl.

What team won the Super Bowl 1987 1991?

The New York Giants won the 1987 Super Bowl and the 1991 Super Bowl.

Who has won the Super Bowl since Super Bowl?

The team who last won the super bowl would be the new york giants in the year 2011.

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