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Brett Favre, who holds virtually every career record for a quarterback, had 6,300 lifetime pass completions.

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Q: What quarterback has the most career completions?
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Which quarterback has the most completions in a Super Bowl?

Phil Simms

Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has the most career completions?

On December 4, 2011, Ben Roethlisberger became the Steelers all-time career completion leader, passing Terry Bradshaw.

Charger quarterback with the Most consecutive completions with out an interception?

Drew Brees

Colts Quarterback with most career yards?

Current Colts quarterback Peyton Manning holds every team record worth having. 6,531 attempts, 4,232 completions for 50,128 yards and 366 touchdowns.

Who has the most career completions in the Super Bowl?

Joe Montana

Who did Dan Marino surpass to claim the record for the most career pass completions?

Fran Tarkenton who had 3,686 career completions. Marino passed him in the 1995 season.

How many years did Kenny Stabler play in NFL?

Quarterback Ken Stabler had 2,270 completions for 27,938 yards in his NFL career.

What does comp mean for football?

In the case of a quarterback it is the completions of passes.

How many records does Tom Brady have?

Tom Bradys holds these current NFL Records: Regular Season Records: - Most Touchdown Passes, Season: 50 (2007) Playoff/Superbowl Records: - Highest Completion Percentage, Game (15 completions) 92.9% AFC-Division '07 -Most Passes Attempted, Career - 156 (4 games) -Most Passes Completed, Career - 100 (4 games) -Most Attempts, Without Interception, Game - 48 (Superbowl XLII) -He is the fastest quarterback to hit 100 career wins.

Who has the most NFL career quarterback yardage?

Tom Brady

Hom many completions has Tom Brady had in his career?

According to Pro Football Reference, as of the start of the 2008 season Brady has 2294 completions in the regular season and 372 completions in the playoffs.

What quarterback threw the most touchdown passes in his career?

Brett Favre.