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Q: What team did david beckham 1st play for?
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Which team chose David Carr 1st in the 2002 NFL Draft?

David Carr was drafted out of Fresno State in 2002.

Did john gidman play football for Liverpool?

He did not play for the fist team , but theoretically he did play for the club, only at youth level , before being released by Bill Shankly to Aston Villa for free. He therefore must Qualify as one of the few or only players to have played at ,Liverpool (youth), Everton (1st team) , Manchester United(1st team) and Manchester City(1st team)

How many overs did each team play in the first World Cup?

2 teams each team play at d 1st ever world cup.

Did peter bodak play for Man United 1st team?

dont think so

Who is caption of Indian team when play sachin tendulkar his 1st test match?


What are the names of David Beckham's kids?

Brooklyn Joseph who was born March 4th, 1999. Romeo James who was born on September 1st, 2002. Cruz David who was born on February 20th, 2005. Harper Seven who was born July 10th, 2011.

What is the birthplace of David Beckham's children?

Brooklyn Joseph was born in London, England, March 4th 1999. Romeo James was born in London, England, September 1st, 2002. Cruz David was born in Madrid, Spain, February 20th, 2005.

What team did david carr play for his rookie season?

Houston Texans. Carr was the Texans first round choice (and 1st overall choice) in the 2002 NFL draft and the Texans first ever draft choice.

What make of watch does David Beckham wear?

Chopard GT among others Victoria bought him this watch when he scored his 1st goal for the galaxy.. cost $67,000 (it's custom made and blinged out with diamonds)

What is the farthest a play in game Team has made it in march madness?

never made it past the 1st round

Who were the highest paid athletes in 2008?

The top five highest paid athletes in 2008 were Tiger Woods(1st), David Beckham(2nd), Michael Jordan and Phil Mickleson(tied for 3rd) and Kimi Raikkonen(4th)

What team does troy Edwards glaus play for?

Troy Glaus is currently a 3rd/1st baseman for the Atlanta Braves.

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