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suman sharma

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โˆ™ 2011-09-17 17:13:38
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Q: First female basket ball player who received the arjuna award and in which year?
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Who is the first basketball player to received Arjuna award and in which year?

Kobe Brynt

Who was the first female basket ball player?

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Which football player was honoured with Arjuna award?

emile heskey

Who was the first kho kho player to receive arjuna award?

Partham.arjun award

What are the awards received by virat kohli?

He is a talented player. He got the best cricketer award.

Who is the wife of Arjuna award winner badminton player Chetan Anand?

jwala gutta

Who was first woman player to get arjuna award?

Anne Lumsden was the first woman to win the Arjuna Award (1961). She played women's hockey. The Arjuna Awards are given by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, government of India to recognize outstanding achievement in National sports.

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

What is it called when a player shoots the ball into the basket for 2 or 3 points?

It is called making a basket. Two points are awarded if a player makes a basket from within the three point arc... and three points are awarded if a player makes a basket from beyond the three point arc.

What happens if a player shoots the ball under the basket but it goes in the basket threw the net?

To count, it would have to clear the basket and come back through the basket.

When was the first NBA website founded?

basket ball i like to be a basket ball player

How many defensive awards does Michael Jordan have?

because he was the best basket ball player because he was the best basket ball player

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