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Q: Do US world cup soccer players get paid?
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Did soccer players in Bolivia win a world cup?

Bolivia has never won the World Cup.

How many players in world cup soccer team?


How many players are there per team in world cup soccer?


Do soccer players wear metal studs in the world cup?

Yes they Do

Did soccer players in Bolivia play in the world cup?

Bolivia have twice qualified for the World Cup: 1950 and 1994.

Who are some of the players from the US soccer team in the 1922 world cup?

There was no world cup in 1922. It started in 1930.

Do soccer player get paid for the World Cup?

Yes the country pays them, as it is a great honour to play in a world cup.

Are Italians successful soccer players?

In the past, Italians were successful soccer players. However, in the 2014 World Cup, they did not perform so well.

How many players are on the field for World Cup soccer?

there are 11 players per team including the goalie

Do footballers get paid for the World Cup?

Yes, they do, but the amount they get paid is never disclosed, however, it is no where near what they are paid at club level. The players get massive bonuses if they win the World Cup.

What does a player get for winning the FIFA World Cup?

they get paid around 20 million for the final game and one of the players becomes the soccer star of the tournament and they give him a trophy which is a golden soccer ball. the best players are disputed over by reknown and exclusive teams like the real Madrid and their salaries go WAY up. the players are automatically immortalized if they win the world cup.

How many former Indiana men's soccer players have participated in the World Cup?


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