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Yes He defianatly will win because a gift will come to rey xmas Night V Undertaker

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no Rey Mysterio did not beat up the undertaker

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Q: Did rey mysterio beat up the undertaker?
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Who beat up the undertaker?

No one he got injured in his match with Rey mysterio

Did rey mysterio lose against Kane?

Yeah in a no disqualifaication match but then The Deadman,The Undertaker came to beat up Kane!

Is rey mysterio better then big show?

i thing rey quickness can beat up the big show so i thing rey mysterio is better

Did Rey or Undertaker win at Royal Rumble of 2010?

No he did not win because Undertaker beat him up............IN A VERY BAD WAY(poor Rey)!!!

Is rey mysterio going to be world heavyweight champion again?

No Rey Mysterio Jr. is not Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the one who trained rey mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio is rey myserio Jr.'s uncle You are partly right in that Rey Mysterio, Sr. did train Rey Mysterio, Jr. BUT Rey Mysterio, Jr. has dropped the Jr. off of his name is known as Rey Mysterio. So in that regard you are wrong.

Who are The Undertaker's unknown attackers?

In reality Undertaker was never attacked. It is just a storyline to cover up the fact that he was injured in his match with Rey Mysterio. As for the WWE storyline goes I don't really know attacked him.

Who ambushed the undertaker?

no one.. he got injured while in a match with rey mysterio. with him out for a while and having a chance in the fatal four way, they came up with the storyline

Why did rey mysterio steal domonic?

he was angry and he wanted to beat up cris jerico and edge he loved batista that is his lover bye bye now

What does rey misterio brothers name?

Rey Mysterio doesnt really have a meaning. They just made up "Mysterio" because he wears a mask and they are trying to say he is mysterious. Get it?

What south park episode has rey mysterio in?

There isn't an episode with Ray Mysterio in it, but Kenny dresses up as Ray Mysterio in the episode W.T.F.

What is rey mysterio MySpace?

Rey mysterio's myspace is I know it's his one because it shows a pic of him holding up a sign saying You're looking at the one and only rey mysterio on my space

Who is ray mysterio?

Rey Mysterio is on, or