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The first fifa world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

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Q: Did Brazil win the very first world cup tournament?
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In which year did Brazil win their very first FIFA World Cup?

Brazil won their first world cup in 1958 in Sweden.

What tournament did Tiger Woods hit his very first professional hole-in-one?

1996 greater Milwaukee open , His very first professional tournament

Is Brazil the best soccer team?

While opinions may very based on national pride, Brazil has won 5 world cups and is the only team that has qualified for every tournament. In this regard, they can be considered the best international soccer team.

What major tournament featured the very first color television coverage of a golf tournament?

The Masters in 1966

Who was the very first WWE champion?

Buddy Rogers was the first WWE Champion after he was awarded the title with the explination that he defeated Antonio Rocca in the finals of a tournament in March of 1963 (April 29) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

When was the first bowling tournament?

There does not appear to be any documentation that points to the very first tournament bowled in any country. My guess is that the first tournament didn't start too much later than when the sport was invented.

Is football popular in Brazil?

The Brazilian National Team has won the most World Cups (5) and Brazil will be hosting the next World Cup in 2014. So yes, football is very, very popular in brazil. It is part of their culture.

Where in the world is the Caribbean located?

It is at the very top of south America (Brazil)

Who won the very first UFC tournament?

Royce Gracie won the tournament by defeating Gerard Gordeau via submission due to a rear naked choke.

Who won the Masters Golf Tournament in 1963?

Jack Nicklaus with his very first Masters victory.

Who scored Nigeria's very first goal at the World Cup?

Nigeria qualified for the World Cup for the first time in 1994. The first round of the tournament proper saw them finish top of their group, with two wins and one defeat from three matches. They won their first game of the tournament 3 - 0 against Bulgaria, with the first goal of the match being scored by Rashidi Yekeni, most notable for his spell at Vitória Setubal.

Does Brazil have a chance winning the world cup of 2010?

Yes Brazil has a very good chance of winning their 6th world cup in South Africa in 2010. And as it is in Africa all the better.We must remember a few things Brazil have only won in Europe once in 1958 in Sweeden Pele first world cup , and they have never won when they had a black goalkeeper.

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