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Brazil won their first world cup in 1958 in Sweden.

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Q: In which year did Brazil win their very first FIFA World Cup?
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Did Brazil win the very first world cup tournament?

The first fifa world cup was won by Uruguay in 1930.

How good is the Brazil football team?

The national football team (soccer team) in Brazil is very popular. The Brazil team has won 5 FIFA World Cup titles, and they have also won 4 FIFA Federations Cup titles.

When was the very first FIFA World Cup held?


Who won the very first FIFA World Cup?


Will kaka play next FIFA 2010 world cup match?

He will not play the final group game for Brazil, which is v Portugal. FIFA can increase suspensions for red cards, but for what he did it is very unlikely. He will therefore most likely play in the second round for Brazil.

When did David Beckham make his very first World Cup appearance?

1998 FIFA world cup

Which team won the very first fifa world cup?

The winner was Uruguay in 1930.

Why are Brazil and Spain the favourites to win the fifa world cup in 2010?

Because they are strong teams. Although, Spain didn't start very well...They've lost to Switzerland already on the first game.

When did Uruguay win the FIFA?

if you mean world cup it was in 1930 when they hosted it, it was also the very first world cup

What Latin American country was the first to win world cup?

Uruguay was the first latin and the first nation of the world to win the fifa world cup. Uruguay have won two world cups currently. 1930 in Uruguay (the very first world cup too) and 1950 in Brazil after beating the host nation and putting them into goosebumps. PS, Sorry for my poor English if there is any.

Which county won the first soccer world cup?

Uruguay won the very first edition of the FIFA world cup. It was hosted by Uruguay in 1932.

Has Spain won World Cup?

Spain just won the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. They beat the Netherlands 1-0. This is their very first win.

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