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Footballers get injured a lot mostly in the knee, ankle, shoulder and also the back.

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Q: Acl injury statistics in professional soccer?
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What was derrick roses injury?

an ACL tear

Can one play soccer with a partially torn ACL?

I doubt a doctor would recommend it, but it may be possible. However, you may also worsen your injury.

What do soccer players hurt the most?

Their ACL!!!!!!!

How much can you get for a workers comp torn acl?

The amount that one can get for a torn acl is not a set amount. It depends on the severity of the injury and the rate of pay before the injury.

What is Shawn Johnson's worst injury?

She tore her acl and meniscus

What percentage of NFL players who suffer an ACL injury are forced to retire?

21% of all players that get ACL injuries retire

What are some treatments for an injury to the ACL?

There are a few different methods of treatment for ACL injuries depending on the severity of the injury. For smaller ACL injuries, physical therapy is often the best treatment. If one has a severe injury to the ACL, surgery may be needed.

What is the best knee brace for helping an ACL injury?

The best type of knee brace for an ACL injury is the type with locking hinges. These can be locked when the injury is still bad to provide extra support then unlocked to allow more movement.

What is the most common cause of anterior cruciate ligament injury?

One very common knee injury is a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) that often occurs in athletic activity. The most common source of ACL injury is skiing.

Can you still play basketball with an ACL injury?

Your doctor can tell you, but typically an ACL injury takes any kind of vigorous physical activity off the table until repair and physical therapy are over.

Why participants are at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport?

They can tear their ACL

What type of knee injury can stop you from playing basketball again?

A torn ACL or MCL.

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