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They can tear their ACL

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2011-11-01 18:20:07
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Q: Why participants are at risk of injury whilst taking part in sport?
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Why are participants at risk of injury in sport?

Because you work your bones and muscles during sport and they can get hurt easily!!!

A detailed account of why participants are at risk of injury whilst playing sport?

participants in sport are at a higher risk of injury, due to: contact involved in the sport. wearing inappropriate clothing or shoes can increase risk of injury risk of falling over on hard surface hazards in the area of play such as: worn away wooden floors in a sports hall, can cause splinters uneven surfaces in fields, such as: pot holes long grass can cause injury to joints and bones: fractures sprain the body is working at a higher rate and the climate can affect performance such as hot climates can cause: >dehydration >heat exhaustion if the performer does not warm-up or cool down properly joints and muscles can be damaged like torn sport can increase injury whilst participating !

Why are participants are at risk while taking part in sport?

due to equipment,injuries or their health conditions. Just learnt about it in btec sport

Which individual characteristics are not at risk for a sport injury?

All individuals taking part in various sports are prone to different sports injury. Some of the common injury is the calf injury, thigh injury and the hamstring injury.

What is the main sport in the UK?

The UK sport with the most participants is angling

What sport does the spectators or participants know the score?

Just about every sport there is

What professional sport has the most participants?


Which sport has the most participants in Britain?


What sport has the most participants in the world?


Where do fencers come from?

Fencers are participants in the sport of fencing, a sport that uses swords.

What was the most dangerous ancient Greek sport?

Pankration was a physical struggle between two men - a mix of boxing and wrestling - with 'no holds batted' which resulted in serious injury to the participants.

Why sport players are at risk of injury during sport?

if you are a sportsman,you always have a risk of injury,are you

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