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Anthony "Spud" Webb is 53 years old (birthdate: July 13, 1963).

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Q: How old is Spud Webb?
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What is the birth name of Spud Webb?

Spud Webb's birth name is Anthony Jerome Webb.

How tall is spud webb now?

Spud Webb is 6'3 inches now in 2012 thats a lie^ he cant grow anymore because hes old

When was Spud Webb born?

Spud Webb was born on July 13, 1963.

What is Spud Webb's birthday?

Spud Webb was born on July 13, 1963.

What size shoe does Spud Webb wear?

spud Webb wears a size 6

How tall is spud webb?

Basketball Reference reports Spud Webb as 5' 6" tall and 133 pounds.

How tall was spud web?

Spud Webb is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Did spud Webb retire in 1998?


What is Spud Webb's dads name?


How much is a Spud Webb worth?


How much is spud webb worth?


What is Spud Webb's real name?

Anthony Jerome