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there are 7 girls who play on a Netball court @ a time

but a real netball team would have @ LEAST 9 players

for subs just incase an accident happens

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โˆ™ 2008-03-09 07:30:24
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Q: How many girls play netball in NZ?
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What has Irene van Dyk done for nz?

play netball

What is the total number of people who play netball in NZ?

8 but a full squad is 15

What 2 sports are popular in NZ?

Rugby and Netball

Who is the coach of the NZ netball team?

Ruth aitken

Did 1963 NZ netball team perform Haka?


What did Irene Van Dyke help NZ achieve in netball?

I think the question should be more of, "what did NZ do to help Irene in Netball"? She came from a country very different from NZ and wanted a better life for her family. NZ Netball and her love for the game definitely helped her achieve what she wanted personally and as a career too. Her contributions to NZ Netball, and Netball as a whole has been great for the development of up and coming netballers and what the younger ones want to achieve. Remember that there are 7 players on the court and it takes a WHOLE team to achieve recognition and win or lose the game.

Who is a famous newzealand player netball?

Current famous NZ Netball Players are: Casey Williams, Irene Van Dyk, Laura Langman and Maria Tuataia. NZ Netball greats, (in my opinion) are: Julie Seymour, Sandra Edge, Bernice Mene

What are the most popular sports in nz?

netball ,soccer,cricket and rugby.

The nz netball team is called?

new zealand silver ferns

Who is the most famous netball team?

That would be the Silver Ferns from NZ.

What is the name of the nz netball team?

The New Zealand Silver Ferns

How many people play soccer in New Zealand?

Soccer in NZ is a minority sport, after Rugby, cricket, netball, fishing...There are 500 football clubs in NZ, with 8 provincial teams in the only semi-professional league - the NZ Football Championship.NZ has one team in the Australian A-League - the Wellington Phoenix - which are the only fully-professional team in NZ.Soccer is the second most popular sport at secondary school with boys, with girls it represents only 6% of sport.The estimate is that around 80,000 people of all ages and sexes play soccer, out of a population of around 4.2M

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