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I think the question should be more of, "what did NZ do to help Irene in Netball"? She came from a country very different from NZ and wanted a better life for her family. NZ Netball and her love for the game definitely helped her achieve what she wanted personally and as a career too. Her contributions to NZ Netball, and Netball as a whole has been great for the development of up and coming netballers and what the younger ones want to achieve. Remember that there are 7 players on the court and it takes a WHOLE team to achieve recognition and win or lose the game.

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Q: What did Irene Van Dyke help NZ achieve in netball?
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The way that Irene Van dyk was inspired to netball was her older sister, Irene use to help her sister when she was at the netball courts, use to stand under the goal and that's how she was inspired to play netball was from her sister and standing under the netball goal

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