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A little bit, it is in the middle of the day and it pops up out of nowhere!

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Q: Is the shark attack in the movie Soul Surfer scary?
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How did anna Sophia robb lose her arm?

she lost it by a shark attack i soul surfer movie

What color was Bethany Hamilton's watch that she lost in the shark attack?

it was blue it says so in the book soul surfer and it has a picture but in the movie soul surfer it is yellow

When was the most violent shark attack?

I would have to say that i think it would be the attack in the movie "Soul Surfer".... People might disagree but I think that it is that attack but say what you want i guess......

Is soul surfer based off of a true story?

Yes, "Soul Surfer" is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a professional surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack. The movie depicts her journey to overcome the physical and emotional challenges she faced after the attack.

What prompts a shark attack?

A shark may think a surfer is a seal. Also, blood and people provoking it could cause an attack.

What is Bethany hamiltion career?

that well she survived a shark attack and now shes writing a book about it that's why she made the movie soul surfer

Who was the antagonist in the movie soul surfer?

There really isn't an antagonist. But in some way, the shark kind of is an antagonist for the attack really turned Bethany's life around

What did Bethany Hamilton?

Surfing after the shark attack, becoming a pro surfer lots of things Google it

Is soul surfer a real story?

it based on a fake story ps shark attack was not real it fake

Was that a real shark attack in Soul Surfer?

That shark was a 14-foot-long tiger shark, which is the 2nd most dangerous shark in the world

How many stars did soul surfer get?

Soul Surfer got 5 stars the story was inspired about a 13 year old girl that lost her arm in a shark attack

How long ago did Bethany Hamilton get bit by a shark?

I don't know how tall she was, but there's a book called Soul Surfer, which is all about the shark attack. There's also the movie Soul Surfer, if you wanna know more about it. Please reccomend me!