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.68 caliber. the paintball standard.

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Q: What caliber is a spyder 09 paintball gun?
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Do you need to charge your 09 spyder sonix paintball gun?

no. only if the title of your paintball marker says "electra"

What is the best paintball gun for me I play woodsball and hyperball - My position is MID field and I need a gun under 250 What gun is that?

not a spyder e-mr1. the new proto slg 09 with an upgraded barrel.

What one is better mongoose ii 2 led bbs paintball gun or spyder sonix 09 paintball gun?

While both of them are truly poor quality guns, The better one in this case would be the mongoose just because it has eyes, which will cut down on the amount of paint you will chop. I would recommend however that you look at the Azodin Kaos which is of much better general quality than sypder or diablo guns.

Is the spyder victor 09 or the spyder aggresor a better gun?

It is a low quality, cheap starter marker. It shoots, and that's about it.

What stock fits the spyder victor 09?

There are no stocks that fit that model spyder.

When did Spyder Games end?

Spyder Games ended on 2001-09-20.

Do you have to cock the spyder victor 09?


What is the newest paintball gun?

As of September 7, 2009 the most recent markers are the SL94, Rev-I, DM9, PMR 09, Victory, and The Creed.

What is the weakest gun ever?

This is hard to determine- possibly a small pistol I have that only shoots confetti. In terms of an actual firearm, the Swiss Mini Gun is a minature working revolver that is 2.34 mm caliber (rimfire). That is ABOUT .09 caliber.

How do you put an elbow on the Spyder Pilot 09?

The Spyder Pilot is center fed, so there is no need for elbows. Also no spyder elbows would fit because of the new style of threaded feed necks.

What is the best slg paintball version?

There's 2, the 08 version and the 09. It's the 09.

Spyder RS or Spyder Electra 09'?

RS, the electra may weigh a little less but is not worth the price difference considering the tech on the inside is the same