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no. only if the title of your paintball marker says "electra"

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Q: Do you need to charge your 09 spyder sonix paintball gun?
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Is a spyder sonix a good paintball gun?

The Spyder sonix is "good" if you need only to play for a few months. It is cheap, and it shoots, but it is stripped to the bone to be as cheap as possible, sacrificing longevity, accuracy, and overall performance. Some slightly more expensive, but better performing alternatives are the Azodin Kaos or the Auto-cocker Trilogy Sport markers.

Can you put a regular scope on a spyder mr1 paintball marker?

No. You need an offset rail or the sight will be blocked by the hopper.

What paintball gun is better a spyder tl or a spyder victor?

Almost all of them. You need to be much more specific in what you mean by "better" and ask a less open ended question.

Why does your spyder paintball gun only shoot about five feet?

If this is happening you are losing gas. You need to fix your hoses. Make sure you have full pressure in your tank. If the problem persists, go to a paintball pro-shop and get a technician to look at the internals.

Can you help me I am looking for a starting paintball set I need a mask and a gunwith a stock or butt and not a lot of money.?

Look for an Azodin ATS+ or Spyder MR1 with a mask package.

How do you repair a spyder rt paintball gun?

depends on what is wrong with it. if its just a simple leak down the barrel it could just need some oil or the cup seal replaced.

What is the best paintball gun for me I play woodsball and hyperball - My position is MID field and I need a gun under 250 What gun is that?

not a spyder e-mr1. the new proto slg 09 with an upgraded barrel.

Do you need license for paintball gun?

You do not need a firearms lisence for a paintball gun.

Do you need permit for paintball guns?

There are no permits for paintball guns.

Why does my Spyder MR-4 shoot more than 1 paintball?

It sounds like you need new detentes. They are a little ball that should be near the "breach" or near wear the hopper feeds balls into the bolt chamber

Does the spyder Pilot need bateries?

yes any electronic paintball gun needs a battery. If your buying it new it should include a rechargeable 9volt. You can also use just regular 9 volt batteries in a pinch.

Do you have to have motorcycle license for a cam am spyder in texas?

Yes, you need to have a motorcycle license for a Cam AM Spyder in the state of Texas.

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