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Buy better paint, and get a barrel that fits the paint well. Also clean your gun often.

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The best way to improve accuracy from a paintball gun is by matching the size of the paint being shot to the inner diameter bore of the barrel.

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Purchase an adjustable double trigger, electric trigger, response trigger, or crank trigger.

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Try to using heavier bb's (.3g +) or upgrading your internals like your cylinder, spring, and inner barrel.

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Q: How do you fire faster with a paintball gun?
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What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

Is the jt paintball gun a single fire?

Yes. It has a double trigger to shoot faster, by using both fingers in a rocking motion.

Does your paintball gun need co2 to be semi-automatic?

A paintball gun needs CO2 (or HPA) to fire at all.

Do you need to get a paintball co2 tank to fire the brass eagle paintball gun or can you just pull back the knob?

you need Co2 to fire any paintball gun, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

How do you make your paintball gun shoot faster?

It depends on the gun. if the gun is made to fire up to say 20 bps, it will only go up to that. But search 'walking the trigger' on youtube to find some instructional videos on how to pull the trigger faster.

Is a paintball gun a firearm in ny?

No. A paintball gun is not considered a fire arm anywhere because it does not use an explosion to propel a metal object.

Why is your paintball gun firing only a few yards?

i don't know i don't do paintball but its probably the type of gun that you have i think theres some that fire like 100 yards

What is th emr1 paintball gun?

Do you mean the MR1 or the EMR1? Both of them are spyders entry level woodsball gun, with built in stock and double trigger. The emr1 has an electric trigger, which allows it to fire faster and with different modes, where the mr1 does not.

Do you need co2 to fire a paintball gun?

Yes, it is what physically moves the ball out of the barrel.

Can you fire a paintball gun in Wisconsin?

Yes, on large property with the owners permission, or at a field.

Is it ok to dry frie a paintball gun?

It is not a good practice to dry fire paintball markers, as it can give unnessicairy wear to the o-rings.

Eyes of a paintball gun?

Eyes are like little sensors in the gun to tell wether a ball is there or not. No ball, no fire. This prevents breaks in the gun.