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Uh, sorry, they can't because of this little thing call GRAVITY!!

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Q: How do humans jump and stay in air?
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How do bunnies jump?

Just like humans. They use their hind legs to push them into the air...

Why is it humans cannot stay on the moon?

Humans need air, water, and food, none of which are available on the moon.

Can aeroplane stay in air at one place?

Almost all aeroplanes need to have a forward speed to ensure they stay in the air, one exception is the Harrier Jump Jet, which has a unique ability to hover in one place.

How long can you stay in the air when jumping?

The time you can stay in the air when jumping depends on various factors such as the height of the jump, your initial velocity, and gravitational force. On average, a typical jump can keep you airborne for about 0.5 to 2 seconds.

How could you increase your jump in volleyball?

Here are some things that I have learned: Do not have both hands in the air Always stay in ready position and do not stay straight and bend your knees when you do it.

Can humans jump from 400000 feet?

no one can jump out from that height

What happens when there is zero gravity?

When you jump you would stay in the air for a long time before coming down. So basically your weightless...

How do you jump in the air and stay there for like two seconds when you shoot a basketball?

One word: athleticism. Those who can maintain their position in air for an extended period of time are very athletic.

Can you jump into a person?

No you cannot jump into a person because humans are solid.

How do you pass Zeus on poptropica?

Jump on them and with the right timing the last one should get to the horse thing at the end.

Can elephants jump as high as 2 humans?

no they are actually the only mammals that can not jump.

How do you jump over the moon?

Jumping over the moon is not physically possible for humans due to the distance and size of the moon. Additionally, the moon is not a solid surface where one could physically jump over it.