Bob long paintball

Updated: 10/20/2022
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I dont realy understand the question, but Bob long makes some amazing markers, i'd recomend them to any person looking for a high end marker.

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Q: Bob long paintball
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Can any bob long paintball guns use co2?

not that I am aware of, all Bob long markers i know of are high end markers and anything high end is HPA only

Who inveted the paintball gun?

Bob Gurnsey

What paintball gun is better bob long or dye?

It depends on witch specific model, but they are pretty much on par with each other.

What was the first paintball marker to use eyes?

Bob Long Intimidators were the first to have "eyes". Following their success, Angel came out with ribbon eyes.

Did a Canadian invent paintball?

No, it was mainly three americans,Bob Gumsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines.

What are good paintball gun companys?

All Companies have very good standards for paintball markers and accessories, with the exception of the low end Brass Eagle, JT, Stryker, Spyder markers or anything sold at Generic retail stores (Walmart, Kmart, ect.) Some exceptional and high end Paintball marker companies include Planet Eclipse, Dye, Bob Long, higher end Smart Parts markers, DLX and Angel Paintballbut i think tippmann is the best

What is the best paintball marker?

There comes a point in paintball markers, where you can only make so many improvements while meeting the standard of 300fps and a hopper feeding BPS limit. This occurs in the $1000 plus marker range, where the "Best" marker literally becomes a choice in how the marker feels in your hands (ergonomics and valve design). Some markers in this category are The Ego 10, Dm 10, the Luxe, macdev clone and Bob Long Victory. None of these markers have a significant advantage over each other, all are used in high division paintball tournaments, and all are on the leading edge of paintball technology.

When was Bob Long born?

Bob Long was born on 1942-06-16.

What nicknames did Bob Meusel go by?

Bob Meusel went by Long Bob.

When was Bob Long - baseball - born?

Bob Long - baseball - was born on 1954-11-11.

How long is Bob Marley's dreadlocks?


When and where was baseball player Bob Long born?

Bob Long was born November 11, 1954, in Jasper, TN, USA.