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Spyder Vs1's are Semi-auto uncapped and 3 round burst. With about 70 extra dollars you can upgrade to a Tadoo Board, which allows NPPL, NXL, Full Auto, 15 round semi, etc. If you want full auto go with an Ion or possibly an Epiphany.

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Q: Are spyder vs1 paintball guns automatic?
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Is a spyder a good paintball gun?

I got 2 spyder guns, but just so you know pros look down on spyder guns idk why but they do ( the pilot and the vs1 and I love them) but Yes for you they should be good. Be sure to get the .68 cal though instead of the stupid .50 cal

Is the spyder vs1 notrogen compatible?

Hi there, Yes,I have the Spyder VS1 and it is compatible with both co2 and HPA(High Pressure Air)or (Nitrogen) Cheers

Your Spyder VS1 runs out of power fast?

This should not happen, most likely you are leaving the Spyder VS1 in the case with the battery still inside of it. You should take the battery out after playing every time for maximum battery life.

Spyder VS1 eyes are red and orange and wont change?

you cant effect whats in his genes

Will a Trinity Spyder VS sick body kit fit a Spyder VS1?

You will need to buy new Detent Cover's. and reg and your set. I recommend Buying a new marker instead of buying a body.which is useless. then looks, and also trinity "lifetime warranty" is not true their customer support is useless. Buy a Proto SLG and purchase a new feed neck for it. 3x better then vs1. unless Your a fan of open bolts.Check out this guys videos hes a Paintball expert.

How to fix a kingman spyder vs1 paintball gun if it is clicking and de-cocking after each shot?

Firstly check if your tank still has pressure. Secondly if it uses batteries, check that they are full. If that does not work, completely disassemble and clean and re-lubricate your gun. Then take it to a shop if this continues.

Why is your spyder vs1 shooting only 25 to 30 feet?

It is either low on Gas, needs to be lubricated and cleaned or has a spring malfunction.

I wanted to know if an Evil Cocker 2 Piece Barrel 689 16in Black UltraTip which is autococker threads will fit a spyder vs1 marker or can you give me a list on what barrels do fit spyder makers?

No, autococker threads do not fit spyders,which are spyder threaded. Any barrel marked spyder threaded will fit spyders, piranhas, and most cheap spyder clones. Also many barrels come in several threads (almost all of them have the spyder version), so a list would not help you.

Why is spyder vs1 discontinued?

Because companies make new products and stop making old ones. you can still find them, even though there are much better options for the price.

Spyder rsx or Spyder Electra 09'?

RSX, if im not mistaken the RSX has the new spyder balance valve (slightly less kick and better efficiency) and a regulator, electra, while nice is nowhere near worth the price tag since the tech in it is the same as every other spyder. Also look into the EW-1 it is very close to the RSX and electra (its actually a rebadged vs1) selling for $50 right now, eyes and e-frame stock and can work off co2 (no reg or balance valve though)

What is vs1 diamond?

A diamond with one very slight inclusion visible with a 10x magnifier would be described as a VS1 stone.

How much does a 1kt princess cut VS1 diamond cost?

You can buy a .98 carat princess cut, VS1 diamond today on Blue Nile and spend a little less than US$3,000.