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because lifting can cause growth to stop in your bone structure

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Q: Why have coaches tried to keep their athletes from lifting weights?
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Is running a 100 meter dash and lifting weights an example of an aerobic exercise?

you are a cheater!:) i tried typing in the same thing ... haha

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Can a teenager that weights 130 and is 5'11 get ripped?

If tried to excercise a lot, yes!

Who makes the best eyelid lifting cream?

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Will you have problems sexually with early age weight lifting?

No known connection between sexual problems and weight lifting - unless you also tried doping. Certain products are known to have detrimental side effects in that area.

You cant do pushups at all what exercises will help you to be able to?

Have you tried to do the easier form of pushups? Instead of supporting yourself on your hands and feet while on in a plank-like position, you support yourself on your knees and hands. It still works on your arm strength, but it is much easier than regular ones. If that doesn't work, I would suggest that you do some easy lifting. If you have small weights of 3 or 5 pounds, try lifting those with many repititions. Gradually, your muscles will get more toned. If you don't have weights, lift everyday objects like books or cans of soup. I already weight lift. This includes about 12 reps and 3 sets per exercise. i bench 80lbs and do others.

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I'll be honest when I first tried the system, , it felt ankward. I couldn't see how I could get a good workout out of these. However, I took the time to learn a bit how to use them and now, I am AMAZED at how good they are! I wouldn't go back to lifting weights ever, period. There are still some muscle groups that I am unable to train as well as I would like, but it's only because I got those like 2 weeks ago.

How does endurance training improve athletes performance?

When you train yourself, or you have a trainer, the first thing they say is "lets get you back in shape". That's when endurance come into play, if you don't have a great level of endurance, you get tried faster, either your running or swimming and your a figure skater YOU NEED ENDURANCE. Endurance can keep you going in any sport. You won't be tried or need much water. That's how athletes perform in such great way, they're in shape :) your welcome

The gymnastics place you go to closed and you really miss your friends and coaches there and every new gym you tried has beed totally different and more expensive How do you deal with it?

You just do. You'll get over it. Keep doing what you love.

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