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It can if done correctly, but the hallway stretch is a way better way to increase flexibility in the pectorals.

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Q: When you bench press does it make your pectoral muscles more flexible?
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What does bench pressing work?

The popular Bench Press method works, the Pectoral (Pecks) Muscles (Bottom and top), as well as the Shoulder and the third Triceps Muscle.

What is the best work out for chest?

The Bench Press is the best workout for your chest. There are other exercises that can help you build your pectoral muscles too.Dumbell fly'sPec Deck Fly'sDumbell pressDumbell pull overs

What are some other exercises that work similar muscles as the bench press?

You can try * Dumbbell press * Dumbbell flies * Pec dec flies * Cable cross overs * Push ups * Parallel Bar dips All the above exercises work out the chest or the pectoral muscles. Note: Bench Press is the most basic or rather the best exercise for muscular development in the chest area.

Is bench press bad for baseball players?

Standard bench press is not necessarily bad for baseball players, however, it is not the smartest exercise. Baseball requires long, lean muscles whereas the standard bench press builds small, tight muscles. The best form of bench press for baseball players is dumbell bench press because it requires the utilization of the stabilizer muscles in both arms and, therefore, strengthens the forearms, biceps, and triceps while maintaining long, lean muscles.

What muscles are used for narrow bench press?

Triceps and Pectorals

What is the primary muscle involved in a dumbbell flat bench chest press?

The following muscles are used: Chest (upper chest specifically) Triceps Shoulders

Is it harder to grow muscle for a person that has pectus excavatum opposed to a normal person?

Not directly. If the pectus is severe the pectoral muscles may be at a mechanical disadvantage when doing some exercises like the bench press so you might not be as strong - bu the muscles should grow just fine.

Which muscles does the incline bench help?

It's kind of a cross between the bench press and shoulder press. It works the clavicular head of the pectorals harder than the bench press. But it is really just an assistance exercise to the two mentioned.

Is a chest press just like a bench press?

No it is not although it works almost the same muscles. Bench press is when you are on the bench laying on your back and lifting the weight. Chest press is when you sit on the bench and push the weight forward while your arms are parallel to your chest at a 90 degree angle from your elbows.

What muscles are used in a bench press?

If done correctly, bench dips only work the tricep muscles. but ifmyou dont do it correctelly you will hurt your self and you might even pull your musclesxx lolIf done correctly, bench dips only work the tricep muscles.

What are the muscles used to lift the arm?

If you are referring to the dumbbell bench press, which works both arms independently, then the muscles being worked are mainly the pectoral and tricep muscles. Other muscles that are indirectly involved are the shoulder (deltoids and trapezius) and the lats (latissimus dorsi).

What muscles are used when controlling the bar going down during a bench press?

The pectoralis major is the muscle that is used when controlling the bar going down during a bench press.