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Well, I weigh 184 pounds, and I can do it: so I guess until somebody else chimes in that's the record.

My brother in law weighed about 150 when he benched 300. He now weighs 195 lbs and is about 5`9" and he just got 450 lbs on flat bench yesterday. Had 460 almost racked.

A kid at my high school is 16 years old and weighs 170 and benches 310.

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Q: Lightest man to bench press 300 pounds?
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How much can kharma bench press?

300+ pounds.

How much can sam Bradford bench press?

300 pounds

How much can Roger Federer bench press?

he can bench press 225 Tiger woulds can bench press 190lbs.

How many times can mike Wallace bench 300?

As of 2011 Mike Wallace can bench press 300 pounds 67 times.

What is the average weight a wrestler can bench press?

The average weight a wrestler can bench press varies greatly depending on the individual's strength, training, and weight class. Elite wrestlers may be able to bench press over 300 pounds, while recreational wrestlers may lift significantly less.

How many bench press reps did Tom Brady do in his combine?

Not many. The combine has the player bench 225 pounds for reps, it's been said that Brady can't bench 300 pounds, which means that he would not have performed many reps with 225lbs.

How much does donavan mcnabb bench press?


How many men in US can bench 300 pounds?

If you can bench 300 lbs. your in an elite group, there is no way to know exactly how many men in the u.S can bench 300 lbs.

What is the bench press record for a 130 pound youth?

OK this is my first question I am answering but honestly i rarely ever see anyone 130 bench over 200 pounds but some short people such as myself can bench 250 pounds and weigh 132 pounds. i am sure there are people in this world able to bench 300 weighing in at 130 or so.

If you can bench press 80 pounds 10 times how much can you lift?

Theoretically, 300 pounds. Here's a calculator if you're interested:

What was ray Lewis max bench press rep?


How much can Randy Couture bench press?

He can deadlift 720 pounds, squat 695 and bench-press 475