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Yes. It helps build muscle and is good for vegans/vegetarians who fear they lack protein in their diet. There are no health risks

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I think doing exercise is good. About Body Building, I would say that it shapes your muscles and body and is good if you do it on regular basis.

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Q: Is body building protein good for health?
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Why is protein good for working out?

Because its body building food.

What does protein food mean?

Protein foods are foods that are good sources of protein, such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Protein is an essential nutrient that is important for building and repairing tissues in the body. Consuming protein-rich foods is important for overall health and wellness.

How do the nutrients in Meat help your body?

As far as i know meat offers protein which is good for hair, nails, and essential for building muscles.It makes you stronger by giving you protein

Does drinking milk before going to sleep affects the health of a person?

yes because milk is body building foods and you a good health

Is it bad to eat steak once a day every day for your health if you are body building 4-5 days a week?


Is protein powder good for health?

Protein powder is good for health. It helps in muscle growth. But excess of protein also has some side effects. So intake wisely.

What do doctors say about whey protein?

According to my Doctor whey protein is good for building muscles. as the manufacturer prescribes drinking whey protein before, after and during your work out is good. but base on my experience drinking whey protein before sleeping is better. on the other hand, my Doctor warned me that to much protein is not good for our body it my cause as liver and kidney problem.

Is low fat diet ideal for body building?

Low fat and high protein is generally a good diet for bodybuilders. However, it is very important that one transition into such a diet slowly, as sudden changes in diet may negatively affect one's health.

Should bodybuilders take whey protein powder for a maximum effect?

Whey protein is important to body builders because it increases energy and strength while exercising as well as protein to increase bone strength and body mass. Using whey protein is a good idea to use during body building to build strength at a faster rate than without it.

Is tofu good to your health?

Tofu is good for your health because it contains lean plant-based protein.

Are eggs good for your health?

yes they are high in protein

What is the good effect of protein?

muscle-building (provided you exercise).