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You should work on your bench press strength because 165 is a low max for how much you weigh. Ideally athletes can at least bench as much as their own body weight. Plus the upper body strength will help you block for the ballcarrier

Quick notation, for 5'9" and as a freshman, 209lbs is very high. I'd picture you as a defensive lineman rather than a Linebacker. Make sure you work on your speed, as a strong LB with quick feet can nearly ensure success.

im also 5'9" im squating 350 max dead liftin right around 270 benching 235 and running a 40 in 4.8 thanks

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Your Bench dont really mean nothing but its still a need to suceed in football.....Keep up with the legs because that is the first thing you should worry about. Strong legs will help you get faster. I'm a freshman at Lakeland Senior High in Lakeland, Florida and we have the toughest weight program in the nation. My bench max is 250 and I sqaut 315 and I'm 5'6", 219.......!!! My point is you just need to have hard and you will always be successful in football and in anything you do.

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Q: Im a freshman in high school i weigh 145 and im 5 foot 7 my max bench is 170 max squat 325 i play linbacker and running back and wondering if anyone could give some tips?
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