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a silky

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Q: What is a jockeys uniform called?
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What is a jockeys mount called?

A horse!

What do a jockey use?

Jockeys wear a type of clothing called silks

What is a horse jockeys mount called?

A horse jockey's mount is called a horse. The mount refers to the horse that the jockey rides during a race or competition.

What are people called when racing horses?


What are a jockeys shirt and cap called?


Jockeys bright colour cloth is called?


A jockeys garment?

what about it....... if your wondering what they are called most refer to them as "silks"

What are jockys trousers called?

silks, or racing silks.

What is the name for accumulations of black grease and dirt on a saddle?

They're called jockeys.

What is a person who rides a horse professionally in a race called?

That is a jockey

What is a ju jitsu uniform called?

The uniform is called a Gi

Who is considered as King of Disc Jockeys?

There is no king of disc jockeys.