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Q: What are a jockeys shirt and cap called?
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What are a jockeys coloured shirt and cap known as?

They are called silks. They are how people recognize the different horses running.

What is jockey shirt and cap called?


What is a jockeys mount called?

A horse!

What do a jockey use?

Jockeys wear a type of clothing called silks

What are people called when racing horses?


What is a jockeys uniform called?


Jockeys bright colour cloth is called?


A jockeys garment?

what about it....... if your wondering what they are called most refer to them as "silks"

What has a neck but no head and where cap?

Bottles have necks but no head, and wear a cap.

What are jockys trousers called?

silks, or racing silks.

What is the name for accumulations of black grease and dirt on a saddle?

They're called jockeys.

What is a person who rides a horse professionally in a race called?

That is a jockey