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Q: Can you wear number 0 in high school football?
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What number did Jackie Robinson wear when he played high school football?


Can you wear Mirrored visors in middle school football?

No. Mirrored visors are not allowed in middle school nor high school football.

Can you wear a 20 percent grey visor on your football helment in middle school football?

No has to be clear threw high school

Can a player wear a wrist brace in Indiana high school football?

yes you can

Can a visiting high school football team wear gold jerseys?

yes i would like to

What football players wear the number 24?

mychael hatfield showalter middle school

What number did michael jordan wear in high school?


Are black visors legal in high school football?

yes they are legal and a very lightly tented one can be legal as well.

Are dark tinted visors allowed in Texas high school football?

They are not allowed in texas. But you can wear a clear visor.

What is the rule about wearing skull caps under a football helmet?

It is illegal to wear them in high school for safety reasons.

Can you wear football girdles for middle school football?


Can a basketball player wear the number 8 during a game?

no not in high school.