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Q: When colour jersey introduced in cricket?
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What is the colour of the Indian cricket team jersey?

blue dark

Did cricket play in the Olympics?

NO. Cricket was never introduced in Olympics. Though, it was introduced in Commonwealth games held in 1997 in Malaysia.

Who introduced the failed New Jersey Plan?

Will Paterson introduced the New Jersey plan.

When was cricket introduced as a sport?


When powerplay in cricket was introduced and why?


Who introduced cricket?

The people of England introduced cricket in the 1770s.The shepherds used to play this game with the stick they used to take their sheeps for grazing.

Who introduced World Series Cricket?


How cricket started in India?

british introduced it

In cricket what season was stumpcam introduced?


Which cricket world cup color clothing was introduced?

In 1992 World Cup Cricket

Did Indian cricket team had black jersey?


What is jersey number of Ishant Sharma?

Ishant Sharma is an Indian cricket player. He has had two jersey numbers. One jersey number was #1 for the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the other was #29 for the Delhi Cricket Team.