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The highest amount of runs is Brian Lara 400 not out.

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It was Brian Lara; it is now S.Tendulkar!

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Q: What is the highest amount of runs ever made in cricket?
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What is the highest score that the West Indies has ever made against India in both one day innings and test cricket matches?

it can be amazing

Who cricket team has made highest total run in whole international cricket?

South Africa

Who made highest test cricket runs?

Ricky ponting

Who is the highest run scorer in test cricket of pakistan?

Mr. Javed Miandad made the highest runs in Test cricket of Pakistan are - 8832 Runs

Who made highest fifties in 1-day cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

What is the highest score in test cricket made by brain Lara?


What is the highest in test cricket?

The highest score in test cricket in an innings is made by Brian Lara(400 runs)

Who is the highest centurian in world cup cricket?

sachin tendulkar .who made 6 centuries

What is the total highest score made by a team in a match in the whole cricket history and who is it?


Whose made highest centuries from Pakistan?

Inzamam Ul Haq in test cricket.

Which team had played the highest innings in cricket world?

India against Bermuda they made 413

Who was the first cricketer of India who made the highest run first in test cricket?

sunil gavaskar